Breathalyzer Review

There are between 1-2 million DUI arrests across America every year.  If you frequently drive after consuming alcoholic beverages, it is simply a matter a time until you become a contributor to this statistic if you are not aware of your blood alcohol content (BAC).  You owe it to yourself and the 10,000+ people who are killed by drunk drivers every year to make a small investment in a breathalyzer which can alert you not to drive when you are over the legal limit.

Breathalyzers come in all sorts of form factors and quality standards. has reviewed all of the mainstream models and after extensive research and field testing endorses only 1 breathalyzer.  It is the BACtrack S80.  Quite simply, it is the most accurate breathalyzer you can purchase and is available for a very low cost when you consider the consequences of relying on an inaccurate device to determine if you are sober enough to drive.

BACtrack s80 breathalyzer
Buy the BACtrack s80 breathalyzer

The BACtack S80 is a professional grade breathalyzer.  Certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is the most accurate breathalyzer on the market.  With the average DUI cost approaching $10,000 after all of the fines, vehicle impound charges, legal fees, bail, & insurance increases, why would you skimp on a tool that can prevent you from getting this situation in the first?  A mere $100 separates a professional grade breathalyzer like the S80 from the other gimmicky party toy type devices that can be wildly inaccurate.  The BACtrack S80 contains the same fuel cell sensor that will be used on you should a police officer administer a roadside breathalyzer test.  It can be purchased on for under $150.

Other breathalyzers we tested just did not produce consistent or accurate results.  We found that most of the inexpensive breathalyzers lack Fuel Cell sensors which are essential for sustained accurate results.  The cheaper models often yielded results that varied by as much as .04% on the same subject just 5 minutes apart.  The legal BAC limit is .08% in most states now so you are really playing with fire should you rely on the results of such inaccurate breathalyzers.  While these devices may be fun at parties, they should not be used for assessing whether someone if safe to operate a vehicle.

A professional breathalyzer as accurate as the S80 is a scientific instrument.  When used in a controlled environment and following the manufacturer’s procedures, it will yield extremely accurate results.  Should you get pulled over by the police for suspected a DUI, you will be subjected to the same standards.  Here are some things you should be aware of before you purchase the S80:

Testing Requirements:

  • You must abstain from drinking, eating, and smoking for at least 20 minutes prior to administering a test.  Failure to comply will yield an inaccurate test and more importantly could damage the fuel cell sensor in the breathalyzer.
  • Testing must be performed in a smoke free area away from open containers of alcohol


  • Professional caliber breathalyzer’s require calibration after a certain amount of tests are performed.  The S80 is no different.  You will need to ship it back to the manufacture every year if you want to maintain its accuracy over the long term.


  • Blowing for a longer duration yields more accurate results.  The S80 offers three blow times (3, 4, & 5 seconds).  Most non-smokers who are in decent shape should be able to perform a 5 second blow with ease and obtain a more precise BAC measurement.