Beer Pong Rules

Rules for the Traditional Game of Beer Pong:

  1. If you drink beer while playing Beer Pong, drink in moderation and stay in control. You must be over 21 years old to play.
  2. Lobs only (strictly enforced, not like regular ping pong. Each ball should have a solid 2-3 foot arc). Winning shots which aren’t lobs don’t count. Re-do the point.
  3. Cups go in the corners of the table (paddle in from the side and back of the table)
  4. Hoops in the cup = The person who got hooped has to drink a designated amount of beer (determined before the game starts).
  5. Hits on the cup, but not in the cup = one sip.
  6. The point is never over until the ball is hit off the table, or it bounces twice. A hit on the cup does not count as a bounce (i.e. hit the cup then hit the table, you can still hit it back before it bounces on the table a second time)
  7. All drinks (an accumulation of hits) occur after the point is over.
  8. The team hooped has the opportunity to throw the ball back into their opponents cup (either one) from their side of the table (don’t lean in too much). If the throwback is successful, the person throwing back gets to decide if both teams drink, or if the drinks are cancelled. Also, if the throwback is successful, the other team gets the opportunity to throw back, thus nullifying the original throwback, and so on.
  9. Doubles – partners rotate shots (just like regular ping pong).
  10. Singles – cups go into center of table (paddle in from edge).
  11. Must win by 2 points.
  12. Play to 21 or 11 if others are waiting to get on the table

Other rules to point out:

  • Stoners: If the ball skips off the edge of the table before the other team can get a paddle on it, its declared a “Stoner”. Although the team who made the stoner still gets the point, they have to drink once since they got such a cheap ass point.
  • Space: If you forget the scores, or forget to drink or any other space, you and your partner have to drink.
  • Remember, one for all and all for one. If one teammate drinks, both have to. No saying, “You got hooped, or hit, you drink”. Both teammates drink together.

Strip Beer Pong Rules:

What you Need:

  • Cups / 7 For Each Person
  • Lots Of Beer
  • 2 Ping Pong Balls
  • 2 shirts/tops (bras included)
  • 2 Bottoms (pants and underwear)
  • Shoes
  • Socks/Accessories (Only One Needed)


  1. Best Played W/ 2 people on 2 teams. Basic 6 cup layout w/ rinse cup.
  2. 2 re-racks per team. Only Blowing allowed if still spinning in cup. Label each cup with a different article of clothing. Ex. Outer shirt-cup1, undershirt/bra-cup2, pants-cup3, underwear/panties-cup4, shoes-cup5, and socks/accessories-cup6.
  3. Does not matter where the cups are as long as they are in the triangle formation. Ex. Bra- front one or Underwear- front one.
  4. Decide who goes first.
  5. Each teammate takes a shot/ 2 shots per team each round. If only one is made the opposing team has the option to either drink the cup or take that article of clothing off. If they take the clothing off the cup remains on the table and is still in play/ it is saved. If that cup is made again within the game then they have to drink it.
  6. If a shot is bounced in, the cup is drank AND the article of clothing has to be removed.
  7. If both shots are made in the same cup the cup is drank and article of clothing is also removed. But if both shots are made in different cups, one of the articles of clothing on the cups of their choice is removed and the other cup is drank and removed.
  8. Once all the cups are gone the losing team has to take off every remaining article of clothing that is left on their opponents side and drink their beer. If already been taken off, there is no penalty just luck of the cups.