Site Benefits

Site Benefits

The content on has many benefits for its readers. Read on to learn how the site can help you.

One of the top benefits our readers enjoy is finding new alcoholic drinks that are similar in taste to what they currently enjoy.  As you can see by browsing the pages on, there is a wide range of in the alcohol content percentages in liquor, wine, and beer.  Alcohol has a very powerful taste and can overpower other elements in a beverage such as malt in scotch, hops in beer, and yeast in wine.  Most people eventually find the right mix of alcohol as a percentage of the overall volume to best suit their taste.  By using this site as a guide, cocktail, beer, and wine lovers alike are often able to discover new drinks that closely match their favorites.  A new feature to the beer section includes International Bitterness Units (IBU) which can further help you find alternative brews with near identical tastes to your mainstay beer.

The site also offers helpful nutritional information.  Unfortunately there are very few alcoholic beverages that add any helpful nutrients to your diet.  You can benefit however by knowing exactly how many calories and carbohydrates you are consuming with each drink.  Alcohol is converted to energy by the body much more easily than food.  Learning how to moderate your alcohol and corresponding caloric intake can greatly aid in achieving your weight goals.

The most important benefit of the site is allowing readers to accurately gauge how much can be drank and safely operate a vehicle.  Drinking and driving is a serious offense in the United States and leads to the death of tens of thousands of people every year.  Many of these deaths can be prevented by education.  The rule of thumb that most go by is 2-3 drinks over a 2 hour period followed by 1 drink per hour is sufficient to stay under the legal limits in most states.  Browse through our beer alcohol content tables and you will see that this guideline can be off by a factor of 4 based on the type of beer being consumed.  It is vital you understand how powerful your drink is if you plan to drive home.  Please consult the numbers before your next night out on the town.

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